Fatal Car Crashes, Death from Car Accident, Teenage Car Accidents

A death is the most tragic consequence from a car accident. Teenage car accident rates are increasing across the U.S.

Unfortunately innocent lives are taken far too often - despite advanced safety technology and 21st century medical care, cars are responsible for more deaths than virtually any other cause in the United States. A fatal car crash is a gruesome and traumatic event for the remaining survivors, and an especially devastating time for the victim's family. Friends and loved ones are forced to handle difficult tasks and decisions in the midst of painful and overwhelming personal grief.

Handling the legalities in the aftermath of a fatal car crash takes a very special kind of attorney - compassion, understanding, and sympathy are critical in dealing with such a situation. Just as important as the complex logistics are the drive and desire to see justice served, the guilty punished, and those who suffer comforted and protected.

Statistics Teenage Car Accidents:

The number 1 one killer of teenagers is car crashes

Around 6,000 teenage drivers are killed in auto accidents each year.

Teen Drivers ages 16 to 19 have death rates four times that of a driver age 25-29 years of age.

NEW TEEN CAR ACCIDENT DATA: Complied 2005, 2007 posted

• Automobile accidents are the top killer among teenagers
• Drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 cause over $40 billion in damages per the NHSTA
• In 2005, 23% of teenagers killed were under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• You’re more likely to get in an accident at 16 than at any other age
• Accident rates for 16 to 19 year olds is higher at those ages than any other group
• Teens are 3 times more likely to get in an accident after 9:00pm daily
• Teens are more likely to be par of an accident when they have passengers than without
• Males between 16 and 19 are 1.5 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than females within the same age group.
• Teens have the lowest use of seatbelt rate

You deserve a lawyer who understands the profound loss that you have suffered and is dedicated to making sure that you have financial reparations for your pain. A successful wrongful death case can help you recover compensation for the endless mountain of medical bills, lost future potential earnings of the deceased, funeral and estate administration expenses, and punitive damages for the inevitable emotional turmoil caused by the negligent driver's fatal action. Click on your state to find a wrongful death lawyer in your state or city or simply begin to fill out the free case review form. Don't let the opportunity to receive your rightful reparations slip away.

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